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Yves Potvin

Founder & CEO – Gardein

Yves Potvin

Yves Potvin is president of Garden Protein International which he founded in 2003. Mr Potvin, a pioneer in the food industry who developed the first ‘veggie dog’ over 25 years ago, continues to bring innovation to the meatless category with the introduction of gardein™ in the fall of 2009. Gardein is a line of meat-free products made from a blend of non-gmo soy, wheat, organic ancient grains and vegetables. It is offered as ready to heat entrees or an ingredient to cook and is available in over 18,000 stores across the US and Canada.

Gardein is capitalizing on today’s health conscious consumer that want healthier versions of the foods they love. The products have received many accolades including Shape Magazine’s Best Snack Award, Product of the Year by VegNews, Natural Health Magazine’s ‘Good Food’ Winner and most recently, a Canadian Grand Prix Award. Gardein has been featured in the past year on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the Ellen deGeneres Show, and on Good Morning America.

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